How to hold a pencil when writing a letter

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The Beginner’s Guide to Pencil Calligraphy

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Writing implement

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How to Hold a Pencil

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How to Practice Preschool Letter and Name Writing

A lot of people bypass this seemingly small step and then wonder why their writing looks like chicken scratch. Work on writing the lowercase letter z with your preschool or kindergarten student. Soon, he'll be on his way to writing words like "zoo" and "zebra" and "zipper!". “Ideally, the first materials used are not markers and pencils but materials that allow children to strengthen the muscles in their hands needed to properly hold writing implements," says Mara Guckian, early childhood specialist and managing editor for Teacher Created Resources.

Writing the Letter z

Cover an extended advertising area when you employ the help of the Grip Write Pen! One of the industry's highest valued wide body pens, it features ou. Pencil Control Display Banner (SB). A printable banner for a classroom display showing children’s pencil control efforts and work. What kid doesn’t like animals!?

In this ABC Order Center, you’ll find sets of animals cards grouped together by animal habitat/type. Some sets have animals that all begin with a different letter, and others have two or three words that begin with the same letter.

How to hold a pencil when writing a letter
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